Gone Batty.
Back in 5 minutes--
Meet the big brown bat, Eptesicus fuscus.

May 24, 2007--Amy calls and gives me some news on her way to work today.  Apparently we have an extra "pet" I didn't know of.  She tells me we have what appears to be a DEAD BAT in our bathroom upstairs.  At least she THINKS it's dead.  I stop by Wally-World on the way home with the kids to get a butterfly net.  I have no idea what I'm up against, but I figure these preparations (at the bare minimum) need to be made in CASE it's not dead.

I've told the kids we have some kind of bat at home that we have to deal with...and we're goin' on home to take care of it.  I wish my hands weren't full as I crept up to the bathroom door--I turned around to see my fearless support crew:  Becca covered in a blanket (nothing but face showing) and Jake with a PILLOW bent over his head like an upside-down taco.  Priceless photo-op, but my hands were full.  I decided to regroup and had the kids back down the hall.  Sent Becca to get my camera.  She came back and Jake shot me as I posed for this picture:

I am intrepid, yes.

Now it's time for the bat removal.  Here's where the little critter lay--flat on is face--which explains why his face looks like that!

"What the **** is THAT?!?!"

The lady @ Wally World I was trying to buy a butterfly net from told me to just take care of it with a BB gun.  "That's what my son did.  It was on the curtain and--" I interrupted, "What about releasing it back into the wild?"  She comes back with, "it didn't bleed much at all..." I reiterated, "What about LETTING HIM GO?"  I got through. "Don't do it in the daytime, they can't see in the daylight very well."  Good enough for me.  Couldn't find a net, but commenced anyway.  Time to execute a little Mui Wai Tong.  (I just made it up.)

Operation Bat Capture
went off without a hitch.  Sorry about the shaky out-of-focus pictures.  I'm certain he was going to go for my throat and suck me dry, hence the blurry shots.

            <---Full size of this picture here (3mb).

The movie of the capture is here. (about 5mb.  Right click on the link and choose "Save Target As...")  In the end, I opted to take him outside, alright, and it was plenty bright out of course, but I left him in the bag, hangin' out, as it were, in the back yard.  I expect him to leave when it gets darker and cools off.  And thank you, no, I don't think I wanna shine a light up in the attic later. 

Timmo <><
Urbana Ohio's "Batman" since--uh--about 6:15pm tonight.  :)

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