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Hello.  My name is Timothy Carmichael.  I'm serving Champaign & Clark Counties (and the rest of the NATION) as your Pocket Geek.  From PC troubleshooting to upgrades to first time purchases, I'm your right-hand man when it comes to assistance in getting you up and running.  Specializing in first-timers who are interested in this Internet Thing, I have patience, understanding and exceptional customer service skills.  From the home to the small office to the new home business I will partner with you to shop for new hardware, set up your network, install your new printer, or guide you in your web-based e-commerce pursuits.

Thinking about getting a laptop?  Want to be wireless around the house?  Gotcha covered.  Together we'll discuss what your budget is for the new hardware and what you mean to accomplish with it.  When it arrives I'll set it up with you.

Are you converting to broadband from dialup?
  I'll get you set and give instruction on the care and feeding of your new ALWAYS ON internet connection.  I practice safe computing, and evangelize it.  We'll get you behind a firewall & set-up with current anti-virus to make your internet journeys as safe as possible.  

Is your machine acting funny, not in a FUNNY way?  It needs cleaning.  I'll do that, and immunize it so it doesn't happen again.  I practice complete discretion when called for.  Bring your computer to me, I'll give it back new and improved--and SQUEAKY clean.  Guaranteed.

I can get there from here.  Using the latest in remote desktop technology, I can connect to your computer remotely and fix what ails you without incurring a trip charge.  We have a variety of connection possibilities from free to less than $10.00/month for regular maintenance.

I translate GEEKSPEAK
--I break it down to help you make the smartest business decisions.  Most of my customers are folks who need help with a couple of things but don't have the budget for a full time computer consultant.  That's where the Pocket Geek comes in--think of me as the Swiss Army knife of IT solutions and innovations.  I'm a one-man show and my low overhead and after-hours availability make me a good fit for the new computer user, home-office or small office client.  Call for rates and to solve your computer problems!

Thank you!  timmo@pocketgeek.net <><